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ProcedureFlow Announces Solution Integration with Salesforce


We are pleased to announce that we are now offering a solution integration with Salesforce. This integration allows Salesforce users to better run their business operations and delight customers by having updated procedures at their fingertips, all within Salesforce.

With over 150,000 customers worldwide, Salesforce is your business' command centre in the form of a customer relationship platform (CRM). Their solutions work together to manage your sales, marketing, customer service, and more in one central location. ProcedureFlow’s solution integration expands on this by embedding company-specific operational processes and procedures inside of Salesforce.

About ProcedureFlow

ProcedureFlow is a next-generation knowledge management SaaS product designed to help organizations visualize their processes and procedures and empower teams to access updated information while meeting compliance requirements.

For more information, visit procedureflow.com or follow us on social media @ProcedureFlow.


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