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ProcedureFlow Integrates with SalesForce, Empowering Agents with Real-Time Visual Guidance to Transform Contact Center Operations

ProcedureFlow, the leading provider of visual knowledge management solutions, is excited to announce its integration with Salesforce. This collaboration enables ProcedureFlow to embed visual knowledge directly within Salesforce, eliminating the need for time-consuming searches and providing step-by-step guidance to streamline agent workflow and enhance customer interactions. 

In collaboration with Einstein's Next Best Action, ProcedureFlow guides agents through complex scenarios with real-time visual process recommendations as cases are updated within Salesforce. Based on the changes made to the case, the system instantly suggests the most relevant visual knowledge, equipping agents with valuable insights and guiding informed decisions during each interaction. 

With ProcedureFlow's visual flows embedded directly within Salesforce knowledge articles, agents now have access to a unified platform within a single user interface for enhanced process efficiency. This functionality enables agents to instantly leverage the power of visual knowledge directly within the context of their customer interactions, resulting in improved response accuracy, reduced search times, and increased case-handling efficiency. 

By suggesting relevant flows based on the configurable case reason, this intelligent recommendation engine provides agents with effortless access to the most appropriate visual guidance upon case opening. The outcome is accelerated case resolution, reduced average handle times, and improved customer satisfaction. 

About Salesforce

Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform that enables businesses to manage customer data and sales operations on a unified platform. It is designed to help businesses provide exceptional service and grow relationships with both customers and employees.

About ProcedureFlow

By embedding visual knowledge into platforms such as Salesforce, ProcedureFlow empowers agents with instant access to critical information during customer interactions. Recognized as an industry leader in driving contact center excellence, ProcedureFlow continues to redefine customer service efficiency and elevate businesses to new heights.

To view ProcedureFlow’s integration with SalesForce in a real-world demonstration, visit https://procedureflow.com/product/integrations/salesforce

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