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ProcedureFlow & Talkdesk to revolutionize knowledge management for contact centers

Talkdesk and ProcedureFlow

ProcedureFlow, a revolutionary knowledge management solution and Talkdesk, the cloud contact center for innovative enterprises, are joining forces to transform the way contact centers interact with customers and manage their information.

ProcedureFlow combines the best of a knowledge base, flowcharting, and agent scripting into one powerful knowledge management solution. This creates a visual guide for any type of contact scenario, enabling organizations to reduce training time, and has shown to lower operating costs by 11%.

Talkdesk powers customer interactions for more than 1,800 innovative enterprises around the world including 2U, Canon, IBM, Peloton and Trivago. Today’s customer service providers have grown frustrated by traditional on-premises and first-generation cloud systems that are too complex, siloed and rigid to keep pace with ever-evolving technologies and customer expectations. Talkdesk is easily adaptable to changing customer and contact center operational needs, resulting in increased productivity, customer satisfaction and cost savings. By combining enterprise performance with consumer-like ease of use, Talkdesk empowers companies to make customer experience their competitive advantage.

When combined, users get all the benefits of both solutions, empowering contact centers to reduce agent effort and improve performance.

ProcedureFlow integrates with Talkdesk via AppConnect, The First Enterprise App Store, giving Talkdesk customers the ability to seamlessly combine solutions with a click of a button.

“Our integration enables contact centers to access a knowledge management solution directly inside Talkdesk,” says Ciaran Coates, Director of Partnership Development, ProcedureFlow. “This ensures quality and consistency with every customer interaction, drives better customer experiences, and has a direct impact to contact centers’ bottom lines. We’re thrilled to be working with the team at Talkdesk, and look forward to exploring an even deeper product integration in the coming months.”

“AppConnect enables customer service providers to easily add on new and innovative solutions through clicks, not code, and customize their contact center to stay ahead of consumer trends,” said Dave Richards, Head of AppConnect Partnerships and Operations, Talkdesk. “We are excited to now have ProcedureFlow available to our customers through AppConnect.” For more information on the solution integration, please visit ProcedureFlow’s listing on Talkdesk’s AppConnect.

About Talkdesk

Talkdesk Enterprise Cloud Contact Center empowers companies to make customer experience their competitive advantage. With enterprise-class performance and consumer-like ease of use, Talkdesk easily adapts to the evolving needs of sales and support teams and their end-customers, resulting in increased customer satisfaction, productivity and cost savings. Over 1,800 innovative enterprises around the world including 2U, Canon, IBM, Peloton and Trivago, rely on Talkdesk to power their customer interactions. Learn more and request a demo at www.talkdesk.com.

About ProcedureFlow

ProcedureFlow is a next-generation knowledge management SaaS product designed to help organizations visualize their processes and procedures and empower teams to access updated information while meeting compliance requirements.

For more information, visit procedureflow.com or follow us on social media @ProcedureFlow.


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